Room To Be Real…

Visiting a church can be an intimidating experience. No one likes to be the new guy on the block. At Cross Bend, we strive to be a church with open arms. People here are given room to be real. We like to say that we are a “Come as you are church.” You will find that there are no expectations of perfection, just real people doing life together.  At CBCC, we have designed our church to function like a home. You are welcomed into the Living Room (our large group environment), invited to discover who God is in the Kitchen (our small group Bible study environments), and encouraged to experience a life of adventure in the Backyard (our service environments). Our mission is clear…we want to Lead People Into a Fully Devoted Relationship With Jesus Christ. That is what we are about.

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 Tom Wilson
Senior Pastor

Living Room – A Place To Call Home


[liv-ing room (liv’ing room) n. a room in a home with sofas, chairs, etc., used for social activities, entertaining guest, etc.]

When a guest arrives and is welcomed into your home, you invite them into the living room. Everyone finds a comfortable place to sit, and the interaction begins. It’s the first step, and it’s often your only chance to make your guest feel comfortable enough to return. That’s exactly how we approach our entry environments at Cross Bend. Our Sunday morning worship service is our “living room” environment. Our goal is to make the living room an environment of acceptance. We want to extend to each and every guest who walks through our doors, the same grace that God has extended to us. Our hope is that through the acceptance that is received, each person will become more receptive to God. So, we do everything with this in mind. At Cross Bend, the living room is where you begin the connection with people like you. Living room environments have been created for all age groups.


Kitchen – A Place To Build Relationships


[kitch – en (kich’ en) n. a room or place for the preparation and cooking of food.]

Think about it – what is the most popular room in your home? Where do you end up when friends or family come over? In the kitchen! This is where lasting relationships are made and nurtured. This is what you can expect in a Cross Bend kitchen environment: Bible study, prayer, accountability, friendship, support, and life transformation. The kitchen is about connection and growth. To this end, we strive to make all kitchen environments safe places where you can open your heart, share your life, and ask the tough questions. We believe this is best accomplished in LifeGroups. LifeGroups are small communities of 8 – 12 adults that meet in a home a couple of times a month. We also have kitchen environments available through Sunday school classes, men and women’s Bible studies, and small groups for students and children.


 Backyard – A Place To Find Adventure


[back-yard (bak yard) n. a yard at the rear of a house; a familiar or nearby area.]

While some backyards may be an oasis of relaxation, the CBCC backyard is the land of adventure. As you move through the screen door from the kitchen into the backyard, the entire world awaits! It is here that you work off what you ate at the kitchen table! The backyard environments at Cross Bend are where you use what you’ve learned and stretch those spiritual muscles. It is in the backyard that Christianity becomes real. God takes the normal, average day-to-day stuff of life and transforms it for eternal impact! Backyard adventures range from weekly or monthly service opportunities within the church, to short-term international mission trips. Our entire ministry is culminated in the backyard where the Great Commission is lived out in our world. We live for the sound of that screen door slamming!


What’s my next step?

Our FrontPorch class explains our beliefs, directions and our expectations of church members. If you are thinking about becoming a part of the Cross Bend family, click the link below to learn more and sign up.