Our Missionary Partners

Andy & Tresha McKnight (Joshua Project)

The Joshua Project is an extreme ministry to an extreme group of children and families living with HIV/AIDS. Andy & Tresha show them love by being their advocates, counseling the children, families, and caretakers, helping them make educated decisions, and ultimately allowing them to meet with the only one that can alleviate their pain and suffering, Jesus Christ.
What a message of hope and love this brings to children weighed down with sickness!
In addition to ministering to children and their families inside hospitals, Joshua Project has a number of other outreach ministries:
The Day Center— A central facility where children/families can receive Christian counseling, prayer support, material support, basic medical care and much more.
Camp Outreach— A 10-day trip consisting of a 5-day camp full of fellowship, activities, and the Word of God. Also including, outreaches at the day center and the surrounding communities.
The Dental Office—located at the Day Center, the children they serve are able to receive care at our fully-functioning dental office! After receiving dental care, counseling, bible studies, and other activities are available.
Church Planting— since the infected are not welcome in most churches, a local youth group has reached out to the youth at JPWM by conducting church services at the day center.
Open Hearts Ministry—provides clothes, food, books, medical supplies, and educational materials about HIV/AIDS to the poor, hungry, and sick.
Located in Resita, Romania, Andy & Tresha also serve with Tony & Claudia Udrea, who are Romanian nationals.

Lowell & Blanche Hunefeld (NMSI)

Cross Bend began supporting Lowell & Blanche Hunefeld more than 20 years ago as they planted the first of six new churches in Brazil in partnership with the Brazilian people. Through hard work and the Lord’s abundant blessings, those Brazilian churches now not only send out their own missionaries into the world, but have developed “Business as Mission” ministries in many parts of the world that would not allow a traditional missionary into their countries.
In 2003, Lowell & Blanche transitioned from the role of primary pastors to a mentorship/advisory role, with their Brazilian partners taking over the primary pastoral roles. While continuing to be engaged with the Brazilian church leadership, Lowell and Blanche began a new chapter of ministry. Lowell traveled the world, brokering relationships between businesses and governments and missions organizations to the mutual benefit of all, being instrumental in helping to get Christian ministries started in countries that don’t allow conventional foreign missionaries and ministries. Meanwhile, Blanche, a licensed counselor, expanded a role she had held for some time as a counselor to missionaries on the field.
Today, Lowell and Blanche are working with missionaries and national leaders in multiple countries with two huge passions: 1) the development of and multiplication of “strategic partnerships” that will directly facilitate seeing lives and communities transformed and, the multiplication of “Jesus-following communities” (churches planted) globally; and 2) to work with cross cultural workers, and especially national leaders and majority world churches to discover and embrace their ‘Missions DNA’, assisting and resourcing them in the development and effective implementation of their ministry and missions objectives.
At this writing, Lowell is mentoring multiple missionary teams in Europe in their efforts to plant cross-cultural churches reaching the millions of Muslim refugees that have flooded Europe. Blanche is focusing her efforts on teaching and counseling Muslim women who have escaped a war zone, and working with the missionary women who serve them. As if that weren’t enough, they are also engaged in a number of other projects and strategic initiatives around the world, including continuing to actively advise and mentor the church leadership in Brazil.

Ted Smith (World Impact)

Ted Smith served as Director of World Impact’s Dallas ministry for seven years. He currently serves as Regional Director of Ministry, overseeing ministry staff and ministry engagements throughout the Midwest Region. In addition, Ted is the Director of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) of Dallas facilitating classes and managing TUMI partnerships in the DFW area and beyond. He also teaches at Dallas Christian College.
Ted’s passion is to develop leaders for the urban context through resourcing, coaching, and mentoring. He has a BA in Ministry and Leadership from Dallas Christian College, a MA in New Testament and Preaching from Johnson University, and is in the process of completing a MA in Global Leadership from Dallas Baptist University. Ted and his wife live in Dallas, TX.
World Impact began in 1971 with a mission to reach the urban poor, planting churches and working in much the same manner as foreign missionaries. As every missionary seeks to work themselves out of a job by training up leaders, World Impact seeks to empower urban Christian leaders. Their work is to resource and train indigenous church leaders who are already working in the urban setting, equipping them to more effectively reach the lost while making much more efficient use of World Impact resources.
World Impact’s Global Ends Statement says it all, “The empowered urban poor, advancing the Kingdom of God in every city, through the local church. Our purpose is to honor and glorify God and delight in Him among the unchurched urban poor by knowing God and making Him known. Our vision is to recruit, empower and release urban leaders who will plant churches and launch indigenous church planting movements.”
World Impact’s Seven Key Initiatives to Empower Urban Christian Leaders:
The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) – The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) equips leadership for the urban church, especially among the poor, in order to advance the Kingdom of God.
Evangel School of Urban Church Planting – World Impact’s Evangel School of Urban Church Planting is committed to training, equipping, encouraging, and enabling Christian workers to plant healthy, reproducing churches among the urban poor.
Associate Program – World Impact partners with urban ministers all over the United States by providing resources and encouragement. These men and women are part of a growing network of World Impact Associates.
Incarceration to Incorporation – We believe that many of the men and women who will lead the urban Church have been incarcerated. World Impact partners with reentry homes, local churches, and mentors to move these leaders toward success and incorporation into a caring body of believers.
Urban Church Associations – Through fellowship, we hope to encourage, inspire, and strengthen pastors in vital Christian discipleship. We also hope pastors will pool their gifts, knowledge, and strengths for kingdom-minded work.
Urban Leadership Retreats – World Impact believes in resourcing urban leaders. One way we do this is through concise, practical and hands-on training at conferences and encouragement through retreats.
Urban Christian Education – World Impact schools provide quality Christian education for inner-city students. Godly teachers pour their lives into each child as they instill, Christian Character—loving God and our neighbors, Academic Competence—reading, writing and arithmetic, and Self-Confidence—finding security and value in God
Camps – World Impact operates two camps in support of our ministries: The Oaks, near Los Angeles, and Morning Star Ranch, in rural Kansas. Each is designed to provide youth-camping experiences and family vacations to inner-city residents at affordable prices.

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