What is a LifeGroup?

Christian Community is the greenhouse for transformed lives. It is where God can work. It is where the Holy Spirit finds hearts to work in and change. Christian Community is where the Word of God comes alive in hearts and makes a difference. Christian Community is the place where our salvation is lived out in our lives.
Since the very beginning of the church, believers have been gathering together in homes to share the good news, encourage and pray for one another, study the scriptures, serve their communities, and worship the Lord. LifeGroups are “Kitchen Environments” where spiritual growth can best happen in the context of authentic relationships. When people are connected to others in an authentic and transparent environment, they are more likely to share what is going on in their lives, and allow others to hold them accountable. They are also less likely to drift away from God during difficult times because they have a tangible expression of the body of Christ surrounding and caring for them.
The purpose of a LifeGroup is for the members to grow in their love for God and their love for others. In other words, to close the gap between what they know and are learning about Jesus and what they are surrendering to in their daily lives. This is spiritual maturity.
LifeGroups meet in homes and are comprised of 8-12 adults who come together twice a month to share a meal, pray for one another, apply scripture to their lives, and build relationships.
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Questions about our Life Groups ministry?

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