Vision 20/20 is about accelerating our strategic impact. These are initiatives related to our strategy that will need to be funded outside the scope of our 2019 budget, so, we want to intentionally fund these initiatives to accelerate our impact in the coming year. Our unique calling is to Embrace Those Who Have Given Up On “church” So They Can Discover Jesus. By “discover Jesus” we don’t just mean accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior at one time in their life, but the life-long adventure of walking with Him for the their entire lives.
As a church, our youth and children are key to our vision. We want their experience of church to attract them to Christ, not to turn them away from church. Helping them discover Jesus is paramount to our mission. We also understand that our own discovery process is essential to helping others. We can’t give away what we ourselves don’t already possess. It is out of our fullness that we can help others. To this end, we have identified several strategic initiatives that can make a difference. We’ve organized this under five categories according to our identity and strategy.
Please prayerfully consider whether God would have you contribute to one of these areas; above and beyond your normal giving to the church. Note also, that there is a donor who will match your gift 1:1 for the Church Sign and the Adult Retreat Scholarships. Thank you in advance for your consideration and please know that we truly appreciate each and every gift that is donated.


Engaging people who would not ordinarily come to a church.

Sign Project – $2,000 – We are planning a more attractive sign out front to represent the church to anyone who passes by. The cost is $8,000 and we currently have $6,000. So we need $2,000 to complete the project.
Love in Action – $2,000 – One of the families in our congregation is engaging with the homeless population through a feeding program. We are creating a fund to help with the food cost in support of their outreach ministry.
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Celebrate in Worship

We gather weekly to celebrate God’s work in our lives.

Kids on Mission Room Remodel – $4,000 – We have finished our re-design of the adult sanctuary; but it has been almost 20 years since the Youth Worship Center was remodeled. With that said, we want to create an attractive environment that will help our youth and children to be able to celebrate in worship as well.
To financially support Celebrate in Worship, click here.

Connect in a Group

We connect with each other in small groups where we can open our hearts, share our joys and bear one another’s burdens.

Lunch Connection – $2,600 – We would like to create opportunities for new people to build relationships with folks in the church. Every other week, couples from different LifeGroups will host a lunch at church for new people and individuals not already connected with a small group. The desire is for this to create an avenue for them to eventually connect in a group. This fund will finance the food costs.
Doughnut Project – $1,400 – We want our guest to feel welcome from the first time they step onto our campus. By providing donuts & coffee each Sunday morning before service, our Guest Services team will host the café area to help people make connections with one another.
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Serve on a Team

We actively use our gifts, talents, and energies to serve our church, our cities and our world.

Training Allowance – $4,000 – This fund will be used to train our volunteers to be more effective on their teams. An example was the Orange Conference some of our volunteers attended this Fall who work with children. Other examples include seminars on church security, engaging the mentally ill and skills at conflict resolution. This fund is in investment in our most important asset…our volunteers.
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Engage in Spiritual Retreat

Make space in our busy lives to engage with God.

Youth Scholarships – $3,000 – Every year we help supplement the fees for children’s summer camp as well as Christ in Youth conferences. These events are important catalyst in the lives of our youth and children where important spiritual decisions are often made.
Adult Retreat Scholarships – $1,000 – Engaging in a regular spiritual retreat is just as important for our adults. This fund will help adults who may not be able to afford a conference or retreat fee.
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