---Under Construction

---In This Series

We’ve all seen the shows where a designer or a builder finds a house that is old, broken down and in need of many repairs. The designer sees the potential through the massive “fixing” that needs to be done, although many others cannot see it. A good foundation is all the designer needs to start this epic transformation. After a deep investment of their time and resources we see what the house was originally intended to be… a home, with a purpose and meaning.
Our lives our no different. Regardless of where you have been, what you have been through, or how broken you look to the world…God’s grace is MORE than ENOUGH. Jesus has already laid the foundation and he definitely sees the potential in YOU. God wants to do a mighty work of restoration in your life to bring you to a place of purpose and meaning…and what a transformation it will be!
We invite you to join us for our summer series “Under Construction” as our church (as a body and a building), enter into a renovation project where He lays out the plans for us to become the people and the church that He desires us to be.