Resetting Pursuits

Tom Wilson
May 5, 2019
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Questions for discussion

Love can make people do crazy things! What’s something crazy you’ve done for love? If you’ve been married for awhile, has that craziness slowed down or do you still fall “head over heals” for your loved one?
Read Genesis 2:24. What do you think it means to become “united” to a spouse? Do you think the Bible is speaking of physically, emotionally, or spiritually united? Why?
Read Hebrews 3:13. Are you encouraging those around you…daily? If not, what can you do to remind yourself to actively share encouraging and positive words?
Most people have the best intentions in mind and don’t plan to grow apart from their spouse. Is there ever a gap between your intentions and actions? Share a story of how you’ve overcome this.
Do you feel pursued? What specific things would you like your spouse to do to make you feel special or pursued? In what way can this impact the way you pursue them in return?