Resetting Purity

Tom Wilson
May 19, 2019
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Questions for discussion

As a child, can you remember a time when you were caught trying to sneak something? What was your response to shame? How are things similar now that you are an adult? How are they different?
How would you describe what shame and secrecy can do to relationships? Why do you think this happens?
Read Matthew 5:27-28. Why do you think Jesus drew such a strong line when it comes to lust?
Read Psalm 119:9-11. How can you stay pure in the midst of an impure world? How should this verse affect who you hang out with, what you watch, and where you go?
Pastor Tom said, “We confess our sins to God for forgiveness but we confess our sins to people for healing.” Have you ever experienced the power of confession, forgiveness, and grace? What was that experience like? Would you do it again?
This week…
  • Tell your spouse and/or someone you trust about any areas you’re feeling shame or struggling with purity.
  • Memorize Proverbs 28:13.
  • Start each day this week by asking God how you can remain pure and to reveal what you can do to eliminate temptation before it happens.Pray the following prayer this week.
Jesus, thank You for being the perfect sacrifice for my sins. Holy Spirit, give me the strength I need to resist temptation. Show me the sin I need to cut out of my life so that I can be a child of the light. Amen!!
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