Over the past 2 years, Cross Bend Christian Church has stepped out in faith to seek God’s will as to how the body of Christ at 901 Cross Bend Road goes forward into the future. It is our sincere belief that the Holy Spirit has answered in a big way as God continues to reveal to us that we are a church of new beginnings, fresh starts and RECLAMATION.
On Sunday, June 2, 2019, it was announced that Cross Bend Christian Church will officially change its’ name to RECLAMATION Church.
We understand that a name change for a church raises lots of questions, but please remember, we are absolutely Christian in every way, but not just because of the name above our door. It is because of who we worship, how we view the Bible, and how we fulfill our mission in our communities and across the world.

Q & A:



We have been known in the community as Cross Bend Christian Church for many years. While the name Cross Bend describes where we are, it does not tell you who we are. This name change will clarify our identity.


We serve a God of second chances and we believe that the name “RECLAMATION Church” will resonate with people and serve as the model for how we operate as a church.
We strive to honor our commitment to God’s Truth found in His Holy Word by following Jesus’ incredible example of Grace. Because of His example in the New Testament that we are not only able, but commanded to love those who have given up on this thing called “church”, so they can discover Jesus again.
In his own words, Jesus came to save those who are sick and hurting, lost and abandoned. Those who have been overlooked and deemed unworthy by the world. Those in need of reclamation.
The New Testament clearly shows Jesus is passionate about those who didn’t fit into the cultural norm (prostitutes, cheaters, thieves, sexual addicts, etc.). In fact, these were the very people in His circle of grace and influence. That same example of grace and compassion is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago.
At Reclamation Church we are not afraid to walk in the trenches with anyone, regardless of current or past life circumstances because we know that God’s grace is larger than anything this world can throw at us. Regardless of whether or not we have “cleaned up our act”, RECLAMATION Church will always err on the side of grace when dealing with people. We are a church that doesn’t pretend to be religious, but rather real people, with real life issues, passionately following the One True God.


We want to be very clear that while you will see changes, our core values will NOT change! In fact, we encourage you to visit us online @ crossbend.org/core-beliefs/ to see these long-held beliefs.


Over the next several months, we will be working to convert signage, printed materials, our website and all social media that bears our name and logo. Ultimately our goal is to complete the conversion by fall of 2019. We also plan to be very intentional in sharing this information through various platforms with our surrounding community.


This is such an exciting time in the history of our church and we ask that you commit to being “all in”. Pray that God uses each of us to grow His Kingdom – knowing that growth is not solely measured in numbers, but in making disciples. Growth represents a living, breathing person who takes advantage of the opportunity for a new beginning, a fresh start and RECLAMATION through the discovery of Jesus Christ.


It is important that you continue to make your checks payable to “Cross Bend Christian Church” until we make the necessary changes with our financial institutions. We will make it widely known when to change your designation.
At RECLAMATION Church, we have a solid foundation, a unified Body and leadership team, the promise of a bright future and a commitment to our mission to “embrace those who have given up on “church” so that they can discover Jesus”!