His Hands

It’s overwhelming to imagine that just reading this meant you had to do most of the work using your hands – and that’s a mere 60 seconds out of your entire day. Now think about the hands of someone else. Someone named Jesus. In the New Testament, we see His Hands touching sinners, healing the sick, and redeeming the broken. His Hands brought blessings to children and honor to the outcast. Jesus used His Hands to break the bread and pass the cup to His disciples the night before He died on the cross. His Hands were also willingly outstretched upon the cross so the nails could be driven through His Flesh. As reclaimed image-bearers of Jesus, we are called to care, love, and serve like Jesus; to ultimately be His Hands and feet to those around us.

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Change Makers

We’re very excited to honor every educator (teacher, school administrator, bus driver, cafeteria manager, crossing guard and many, many others) that have been DIFFERENCE MAKERS in the lives of so many! Students – don’t worry, we are celebrating you as well!

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One year ago we began a journey by asking God, “What would You have us do for You, Lord?” We feel confident that our Faithful Father has given us this identity statement: To embrace those who have given up on “church” so they can discover Jesus. Simply put, to love and accept those who have been hurt by “the church”, so that they can enter into a personal relationship with Jesus.

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We began a journey 12 months ago to discover our unique vision as a church, and now we feel that God has given us that vision. We are incredibly excited to begin to lay out God’s vision for us, but first we must answer “the Why?” Why are we on this journey? Why must we make changes? Why can’t we just keep things the way they have always been?

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The Other F Word

While we believe wholeheartedly that FAMILY is incredibly important, too many families forget about the other “F” word…FAITH. FAITH often takes the back seat to FAMILY. The challenge is to combine them, FAITH & FAMILY, in a way that honors God and brings our loved ones closer to Him.

  1. Family Appetite For God
  2. Family Culture of Purity
  3. Calling a Family Truce
  4. Preparing Your Family for Persecution

Under Construction

Regardless of where you have been, what you have been through, or how broken you look to the world, Jesus sees the potential in YOU. God wants to do a mighty work of restoration to bring you to a place of purpose and meaning…and what a transformation it will be!
Join us as our church (body and building), as He lays out the plans for us to become the people and the church He desires us to be.

  1. Fixer Upper
  2. Firm Foundation
  3. Power Tools
  4. Reclamation Project
  5. Sweat Equity
  6. A Life Restored
  7. The Yelp! Factors
  8. General Contractor

Before & After

You really can’t grasp the fullness of a true reclamation story without it; Before is someone who is lost, weak, and intimidated by life. After, the same person is now driven, determined, and completely fearless! In this series we look at some epic Before and After transformations from scripture and learn to apply them.

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