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You really can’t grasp the fullness of a true reclamation story without it; you definitely can’t read scripture and not find traces of it everywhere…the Before and After scene. The Before picture is someone who is lost, weak, and often intimidated by many things in their life. But, The After is truly amazing, the same exact person now is driven, determined, and completely fearless!
So, what’s the magic “it” factor that leads to such an epic transformation? It’s those who have encountered God in such a way that they are radically changed forever. Sounds pretty good, right? This Sunday we will take a look some pretty epic Before and After transformations taken from scripture and learn to apply them to our own lives. Join us as we continue through our summer of Construction as God does a mighty work within His church to shape, prepare, and mold us into who He would have us be.

Overcoming Insecurities

Tom Wilson

Tested by Fire

Tom Wilson